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Softball Speed Drills

Let’s face it, there is nothing like flat out speed that will make a difference in a game or any competition. We have all seen it; games are won and lost because of some player’s quickness and speed. Even a player’s athletic career will be affected by how fast she is.

There is no substitute for blazing speed to ignite the team, turn the game around, discourage the opponent, or just have a great time. The best athletes on any team are the fastest athletes. Peruse through the following links and articles, and get your daughter or team started on a speed and agility training program.

High Knees – Pick up your knees as high as you can and as fast as you can! You don’t have to go far ~ 10 yards will do. REMEMBER the goal is not to get from start to finish as quickly as possible. The goal is to pick up your knees as many times as you can in the 10 yards that you do the drill. This is a speed drill so you need to pick up those knees as fast as you can!

Butt Kicks – Like High Knees, 10 yards is enough for this speed drill. Instead of picking up your knees, kick your butt with your heel. Again, going the 10 yards quickly isn’t the goal. To increase speed, “Kick your butt” as many times as you can in the 10 yards that you do this drill.

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