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Easton MAKO 11 Fastpitch Softball Bat Product Review

Easton is known for making quality bats, but they also manufacture bats that are budget-friendly. The Easton MAKO 11 Fastpitch Softball Bat fits into that category since it is designed for a beginner that is interested in playing fastpitch softball for the first time.

This bat is available in a few different lengths and weights, so it can fit kids with different heights and strengths. It’s great for kids from ages eight to ten and can handle some abuse as long as it’s cared for properly. It’s not made for hitting dozens of balls in the batting cages every day, but you can expect it to hold up well during game use for a couple seasons.

The main things that parents worry about when buying a new bat are durability and price. With this bat, both of them are covered and your daughter will love it.

Important Features of the Easton MAKO 11 Fastpitch Softball Bat

Even though this bat is relatively inexpensive, it doesn’t mean that it has a cheap design. Here are some of the important features of the bat that can help you determine whether it’s a good fit.easton mako 11

  • Aluminum alloy construction
  • End cap
  • 2 ¼” barrel
  • Comfortable grip
  • 29/32” handle
  • One-year warranty

Best Things About the Easton MAKO 11 Fastpitch Softball Bat

The best feature about this bat is that it’s designed for beginners. You could spend a lot of money on a composite bat, but if your child isn’t strong enough to reap the benefits of the added power, then you will just be wasting your money.

This bat is designed for the softball player who doesn’t have a lot of power, but can get on base by hitting line drives and sharp ground balls. It is a great bat to fit a variety of players, and the price that you pay can be more than half the price of other bats.

Worst Things About the Easton MAKO 11 Fastpitch Softball Bat

If your daughter, or any other players on her team, is a stronger player, then you could be risking damaging the bat. It’s not designed for players with a lot of power, so you could experience some denting in the bat as a result.

You can’t really expect this bat to last for the duration of your daughter’s softball career, but you do want to at least get a couple seasons out of it. As long as you hit regulation softballs and take care of it otherwise, then you should be able to avoid the denting problem that some people have experienced.

Who Should Buy This Softball Bat?

Anyone who has a daughter that is just getting interested in softball should definitely consider buying the Easton MAKO 11 Fastpitch Softball Bat. You generally don’t want to spend a lot of money on a bat until you know that your child is going to be interested and want to keep playing. With that said, you won’t have to worry about breaking the bank with this bat, and it could actually help your child become more interested in the sport.

It’s also a great bat for anyone who has a child that currently plays softball and wants her own bat. There’s something about having a bat that you can call yours that makes you feel more confident at the plate. If your daughter is struggling at the plate, you can present this bat to her and you will likely see her confidence skyrocket and get better results in the batter’s box.

About the Easton Brand


Most people probably don’t know that Easton didn’t begin manufacturing aluminum bats until the 1960’s, even though the family business began in the 1920’s. What started as a sole proprietorship with Doug Easton became a family business when his son, Jim, entered the picture in 1960. Doug wanted the company to remain an archery business, while Jim remained confident that the future of the company relied on expansion into other sports industries. After several years and disagreements, the elder Easton finally gave in and the company started manufacturing aluminum bats. And as they always say, “the rest is history.”

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