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Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Fastpitch Softball Bat

When you don’t have a lot of time to waste breaking in a new bat, you have to turn to the Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Fastpitch Softball Bat. The Louisville Slugger brand has consistently been regarded as the number one brand in youth baseball and softballs bats, but this line truly takes it to a different level.

Whether you are a parent wanting to help improve your daughter’s hitting, or if you’re a coach that wants to buy a quality bat for your team, this bat should be at the top of your list. Not only is the construction durable and the technology innovative, but it’s also an attractive bat that everyone would like to swing. Confidence goes a long way when a child stands in the batter’s box, and this is one of the best bats available to quickly give anyone a confidence boost.

Product Information for the Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Fastpitch Softball Bat

Louisville Slugger always produces innovative bats, and this model has to be one of the most innovative there is. Check out some of the most important features that make this bat the best on the market.louisville slugger xeno plus_2

  • S1iD Barrel technology for maximum performance
  • iST technology for a solid feel in the handle
  • Performance Plus composite design
  • Double wall and two-piece construction
  • 2 ¼” barrel diameter
  • -11 length-to-weight ratio
  • Approved for play in NSA, USSSA, ASA, ISA, ISF
  • One-year warranty

Positives About the Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Fastpitch Softball Bat

It seems like Louisville Slugger always seems to improve on their fastpitch softball bats, just when we think they can’t get any better. This particular bat is designed to help produce the most possible ball speed right off the bat and testing the limits of regulations. The Performance Plus composite design is more durable and has a more balanced swing weight than other models.

And maybe the best part of all is that the combination of the different technologies means that you won’t have to spend hours in the batting cage trying to break it in. It is ready to go right out of the wrapper and can give you the maximum performance with the first swing!

Negatives About the Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Fastpitch Softball Bat

From the appearance to the technology to the overall feel, this is one of the best fastpitch softball bats on the market, hands down. As a result, the negative feedback is nearly non-existent. It’s a durable bat that doesn’t dent or scratch easily, even when used in the batting cages. It’s not recommended to use with the dimpled practice balls, but it still won’t hurt it if that’s all you have to practice with.

Depending on the specifications that you need in this bat, you will have to plan on spending anywhere from $200-$300. It is a little expensive for a bat in general, but when you look at the technology and features that it offers, it’s actually a bargain for how long it will last and the great results that it will give your player.

Who Should Buy This Bat?

When it comes to fastpitch softball bats, this one may be at the very top of the list. The Louisville Slugger Xeno Plus Fastpitch Softball Bat isn’t designed just for a specific type of player…it’s designed for ALL fastpitch softball players. The lightweight design and powerful technology combines for arguably the best bat on the market right now. As long as it’s within your budget, you can’t go wrong with purchasing this bat for your youth player or team.

Why Louisville Slugger?

louisville-slugger-logoWhen Bud Hillerich took over his father’s woodworking company in 1894, he wanted to primarily make baseball bats. The original name of the bats was Falls City Slugger, until Bud took over and changed the name to Louisville Slugger. Less than ten years later, Honus Wagner, a popular baseball player, became the first player to sign a deal to endorse a baseball bat. Since then, there have been dozens of players to endorse Louisville Slugger bats and they have only become increasingly popular from the peewee leagues all the way up to the majors.

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