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Product Review for the Louisville Slugger LXT Plus Fastpitch Softball Bat

A lot of youth fastpitch softball players, parents and coaches don’t know what a quality bat is supposed to feel like when it makes contact with the ball. Cheaper bats can give negative feedback with vibrations, and some bats may not be balanced properly, which can make them more difficult to swing. When you have the Louisville Slugger LXT Plus Fastpitch Softball Bat in your hands, you will know exactly what a fastpitch softball bat is supposed to feel like.

Eliminating vibrations in a bat is the first step to increasing confidence in the batter’s box. No one likes to feel negative feedback with their bat, and the technology that this bat is designed with will very rarely give you that. It’s one of the higher priced fastpitch softball bats, but the results are worth it every time.

Product Information for the Louisville Slugger LXT Plus Fastpitch Softball Bat

If you’re going to spend a significant amount of money on a bat, then you need to know exactly what you’re paying for. Here are some of the main features of this bat that will give you confidence in knowing what you’re buying.louisville slugger lxt plus

  • Performance Plus composite design
  • S1iD Barrel Technology for maximum power and performance
  • Three-piece construction
  • 2 ¼” barrel diameter
  • -10 length to weight ratio
  • TRU3 feature eliminates vibrations
  • Double wall design
  • Approved for play in USSSA, ISA, NSA, ASA, ISF
  • One-year warranty

Positives About the Louisville Slugger LXT Plus Fastpitch Softball Bat

This bat is very similar in features to the Louisville Slugger XENO PLUS bat, but the difference is the lighter swing weight and the TRU3 Dynamic Socket Connection Technology. This technology allows the slightest bit of movement between the handle and the barrel, which eliminates the vibrations that occur on miss-hits.

The barrel technology with the double wall design also provides the optimum power that players need to maximize their potential. And maybe even the best part about that is you don’t have to take several hundred swings to break it in! This bat has pop right when you take it out of the wrapper to you can turn doubles into homeruns right away.

Negatives About the Louisville Slugger LXT Plus Fastpitch Softball Bat

There aren’t many bad things to say about this bat. When it comes to the technology and the usability of the bat, it’s unmatched when compared to other similar models. The one thing that people have complained about is the paint is not the best, so it may scratch or chip off. That doesn’t impact the performance of the bat at all, but it’s more of a cosmetic issue. Other than that, the bat is a little costly, which can deter some people from buying it.

Who Should Buy This Fastpitch Softball Bat?

There are a lot of fastpitch softball bats that are designed for youth players, but the Louisville Slugger LXT Plus Fastpitch Softball Bat is more advanced, so even collegiate athletes can use it. In fact, the players who have more physical power will get the most benefit out of this bat because of the features that enhance their power.

But that doesn’t mean youth players can’t use it. It is a pretty expensive bat, so you probably want to make sure your child is interested in playing softball for a long time before you commit to making such a big investment. Otherwise, there isn’t a better bat that you can buy for them to help them increase their skills and confidence.

More About the Louisville Slugger Brand

louisville-slugger-logoBud Hillerich took over his father’s woodworking company in 1894 with the vision of creating a solid brand name for baseball bats. Less than ten years later, he had his first baseball player sign a deal to endorse the company. About ten years after that, Bud partnered with Frank Bradsby and the company name was changed to Hillerich and Bradsby. By 1923, the company sold more bats than any other manufacturer in the country. The Louisville Slugger brand was being used by baseball legends such as Babe Ruth and Lou Gehrig for many years and the bats continue to be used by star players in the game today.

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