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DeMarini 2015 Flipper Aftermath OG Slowpitch Bat Product Review

Serious slowpitch softball players know that the bat you use is one of the most important components of being a good hitter. If you are a physically strong person, but don’t have a bat that will enhance your strength, then you will become frustrated and only have warning track power at the most. But once you have a bat in your hands that will give you some pop, you’ll be taking your game to the next level.

That’s where the DeMarini 2015 Flipper Aftermath OG Slowpitch Bat comes into play. It is widely regarded as one of the hottest bats on the market, and it doesn’t take too long to break it in. That just means that once you take a few cuts with it, you’ll be swinging the bat at its full potential and cranking out homeruns left and right!

Specifications for the DeMarini 2015 Flipper Aftermath OG Slowpitch Bat

The details of this bat are pretty impressive. Here are some of the main highlights that make it great:demarini-flipper-2015

  • 13” barrel length
  • 2 ¼” barrel diameter
  • SC4 alloy handle
  • Multi-wall barrel
  • Designed for high COR low compression balls
  • Two-piece construction
  • Dish end cap
  • Divergence barrel
  • One-year warranty

Best Things About the DeMarini 2015 Flipper Aftermath OG Slowpitch Bat

The absolute best thing about this bat is that it doesn’t take several hundred swings in order for it to reach its maximum potential. Chances are, you’ll feel some electrifying pop after just a few swings and hits with it. It is definitely a bat that’s built for power and takes your homerun swing to the next level.

The divergence barrel is a feature that not many people are aware of, but they know it when they make contact with the ball. It gives you an ultra responsive sweet spot, so you’ll know right away when you make solid contact with it. Not only will it sound and feel amazing, but you’ll also like the result of the ball flight as well!

Worst Things About the DeMarini 2015 Flipper Aftermath OG Slowpitch Bat

You know you have a pretty good bat in your hands when the worst thing about it is the fairly steep price tag. If you want a good quality bat, you’re going to have to pay a pretty good amount of money, and this bat is no different.

Aside from the price, though, some average slowpitch softball players seem to think that it has a little too much power. That is actually easy to comprehend, since the sweet spot is so large. Some players that just don’t have enough physical strength to hit a homerun might be able to hit the ball to the warning track with this bat, but it still may not be enough. That could lead to a little frustration and could be a rare instance where the bat has too much power, but still not enough.

Who Should Buy This Bat?

This bat is designed for the serious slowpitch softball player that already has some power, but is looking for a little extra to put them over the top. Casual players probably won’t buy this bat because of the higher price tag, but anyone who plays in regular leagues or tournaments should really consider the DeMarini 2015 Flipper Aftermath OG Slowpitch Bat. One thing to note is that this bat is only approved for ASA mandated play, so that’s something you will have to keep in mind depending on the types of leagues and tournaments that you play in.

History of the DeMarini Brand

demarini-logoWhen Ray Demarini founded his company in 1989, he had a vision of creating a softball and baseball bat company that would take off quickly. When he introduced his double wall bats six years later, that’s when the company officially became a known brand in the industry. The DeMarini brand offers a few different series of bats today and more than 150 collegiate baseball programs use their bats. DeMarini’s vision has come to life, but he continues to expand the brand and make the name known all the way down from the peewee level up to the collegiate level.

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