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Travel/Elite Softball and the Good/Very Good but Not Great Player

I have wanted to have this discussion for a long time and was looking for the best location-I’m hoping this is it. Coaches and parents must have been in the same situation as my DD and family. Our DD is a good to very good softball player (but not a stud) who has improved significantly each year, but has now played for three teams in four seasons. She always attends practice, gives 100% and is an excellent teammate. To date, she has been in consideration by the top teams during tryouts,but they decide to choose someone other than her.

We can’t be the only family going through this situation. How have parents’ worked through this issue with DD? How have coaches’ communicated this to players?


hang in there
by: Anonymous

you may have to take it upon yourself to give your child private lessons. i have and it worked for the most part. remember, there is always someone better and worse. hang in there. your time will come. but you must be willing to learn, keep your mouth shut and ears open. most “good” coaches prefer good attitudes and coachable kids.

solid players
by: matt

I too have an “above average” daughter who plays. I think most people have short attention spans, now here me out. By a short attention span i mean that as a spectator or average fan you don’t remember the routine outs. The plays that you’re supposed to make. But you will remember the one time in a game where a girl runs down a line drive in the 7, 8 hole. Now an amazing play as it is, the play only happens so often. but the other 12 to 14 outs (giving another 5 Ks to the pithcher in an average game)made in a regular game really are forgotten the next game. My point is it takes these average players who understand the game, are coachable and most important they are consistant, to when on a regular basis.

So don’t feel so bad. Your kid is only doing what she is supposed to. Forget the hype, cream ALWAYS rises to the top. Just check the stats!

Stick with it
by: Mark

we have been in your position. What we have learned is that different teams have different needs. And we understand that now. Your daughter may be a very good fielder, but a so-so hitter, and the team she is trying out for, may need a strong hitter for the middle of their lineup, and not necessarily need a super star fielder, or visa versa.

What I’m getting at is, don’t get discouraged. And don’t take it personally. Every player and every team needs a fit. And maybe your daughter has not found that fit.

Stay the course. Many teams are still looking for a player, or two, or three to round out their rosters. If she is good to very good as you say, she’ll find a home that fits. Good luck.


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